Reach Returns To Washington


On May 18, 2015, REACH team members, Patricia Tracey, Chief Executive Officer and Kenesha Wood, Director of Counseling, returned to Washington for a legislative conference with Ocwen Financial Corporation. REACH has long enjoyed the support of Ocwen and its President, Ron Farris. Ocwen is the leader in principal reduction for mortgages serviced.

It has been reported that Ocwen has provided 23,000 borrowers with more than $2 billion in consumer relief. “Families across the country are still being impacted by the financial crisis” the company concluded.

When death, divorce, disability or loss of income has occurred, REACH OUT – we will reach back with modification assistance as above and with Florida’s Hardest Hit program. This program will, in many cases, pay your mortgage for one year enabling the homeowner to regroup and bring stability to their current situation.

REACH is committed to reaching all areas of our leadership to assist families in Florida. REACH OUT – we’ll reach back.

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