This correspondence is to express my highest praise and gratitude to Mr. Garry BellFleur. In 2020, it occurred to me that I moved twice in three years and I should consider the benefits of homeownership. I contacted several agencies and Mr. BellFleur responded immediately.

Mr. BellFleur was not the closest to me but his professionalism, responsiveness, friendliness, and patience made him the right choice. Mr. BellFleur sat with me for one-on-one counseling and was thoroughly familiar with the housing process. Mr. BellFleur drew pictures and counted with me so that I could understand.

I did not hand-sign a required document and Mr. BellFleur drove across town to expedite it for me. This occurred during the pandemic where Mr. BellFleur observed all social distancing protocols but I never expected the effort.

First-time homeownership is challenging and, quite frankly, I can see why it is not for everybody. The economy seemed to be a moving target and at one time I resolved that homeownership was not possible. I dropped the ball and Mr. BellFleur contacted me after not hearing from me for weeks. He. Contacted. Me.

Mr. BellFleur listened to my concerns and was more than a R.E.A.C.H agent but a coach, expert, and advocate for those seeking his help. At one point he was more confident than I was and did not let me give up. He told me to be patient and I would see the results.

My fiance and I signed for our house on 6/30/2021 and would like to thank Mr. BellFleur for his vital role. Those associated with Mr. BellFleur were solid and professional like Mr. BellFleur himself. It is my observation that Mr. BellFleur is well known and respected by his peers who spoke highly of him.

I was displaced in a fire in April 2021 which caused my third relocation in now four years. The thought of homeownership was even farther away but it was exactly when we were blessed with a new home.

Thanks to Mr. BellFleur, my fiance and I can manfully say that we went through the full homeowner process and the patience and sacrifice were worth it.

Mr. BellFleur is the pinnacle of justice and professionalism in the community. Housing scams are rampant in South Florida where predators often operate on one’s confidence, intuition, and judgment which is why it is so draining.

Renters often have to “move easy” to avoid disquieting a landlord or face an inevitable yearly rent increase or policy change. Soon I will relocate for a fourth and final time to my own home!

I finally have the peace that comes with owning one’s own home and there is no other person I would trust in this process other than Mr. Garry BellFleur. His valuable insight was tremendous. Mr. BellFleur is solid and I will surely refer to him in the future.

It is with the highest regard I provide this note of praise to Mr. Garry BellFleur. Thanks, Garry and the R.E.A.C.H program for your obviously high standards!